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Already filled a prescription with us but don’t feel like making the trip, or are busy with other obligations so you don’t have time to come to the pharmacy or call us? We here at Hylan Medicine Cabinet want to make it as easy as possible for you to refill your prescriptions, and that’s why we offer painless online methods for refilling. There are three simple, and accessible methods available to our customers:

1. The first is to simply fill out the Prescription Refill Form that is a drop-down tab under prescription refill. This form will ask you some basic information including name, address, phone number, email, and method of delivery, along with the prescription numbers and any added comments you would like us to know. We will receive an email with all the information you provided, and do our best to fill your prescription as soon as possible. If we have any additional questions for you, we will reach out via the information you have provided us.

2. The second option available to you is to use our Online Refilling System, either accessible as one of the drop-down tabs under Prescription Refill or the first box on the home screen title Manage Your Rx. Once you create a free account, you will be brought in to our pharmacy system and be shown exactly what the pharmacist will see regarding your information. Here you will have control over your account and be able to request refills for your prescriptions, which will go straight into our system.

3. On the go? Download the RefillRx App, available in the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store for free, to refill your prescription from anywhere. Simply fill in the information about or scan your previous prescription that you need refilled, plug in Hylan Medicine Cabinet for your chosen pharmacy, select your delivery method, and if applicable type in any messages you would like the pharmacists to know.

Apple:Refill rx app (apple) Android: RefillRx app (android)

Please know that calling us at 718-667-4300 is also always an option.